About Us


Triple Eight Solutions, based in Oberrieden near Zurich, Switzerland, is a consulting and training firm for SMEs, Start-Ups and NPOs. It was founded in 2018 by Oliver Bertschinger who wanted to leverage his life-long experience, know-how and network to help others become more successful.

He chose Triple Eight Solutions as company name because of the global meaning of the number Eight for «luck» and «success» and of “Triple A” which stands for top rating and quality. Which is exactly what Triple Eight Solutions wants to offer to our clients: Top quality services and sustainable success.

In consulting, we focus on insightful advice and hands-on support in business development, marketing and internationalization. In training, we maximize personal work productivity.

To start off, Oliver Bertschinger is at the center of most services. To always deliver top services to our clients, Triple Eight Solutions can count on a broad network of highly skilled experts in Switzerland or abroad e.g. in the area of digital marketing, web design, copy writing or country/industry experts which will be added to the team when needed.

Our Network

Triple Eight Solution expands our skills by working with many outstanding experts from various fields. This may include advertising agencies, digital marketing experts, industry and country experts, copywriter, and many others.



With Triple Eight Solutions being his own, Oliver Bertschinger wanted it to be a “good” company from the start. We are consequently committed to the principles of fairness, trust, sustainability, equality and partnership. This applies to everything we do and how we interact with our valued stakeholders including clients, employees, network partners, suppliers and others.

As the company will be growing, so will our contribution to society and the environment. However, to kick it off, our initial CSR activities include free advice to startup companies, revenue sharing with charities and various, often small, optimization of our processes such as e.g., using the tree-planting internet browser Ecoasia (www.ecosia.org). More to come!