About us

Triple Eight Solutions is a Swiss consulting and training firm focusing on SMEs, startups and NPOs.

It was founded in 2018 by Oliver Bertschinger with the simple goal of making companies and people more successful.

He chose Triple Eight Solutions as the name because globally the number 8 stands for “success/luck” and the “Triple A” rating is synonymous with highest credibility and quality. This sums up what we want to offer our customers: First-class services and sustainable success!

In consulting we focus on business development, marketing / communications, internationalization and networking activities.

In the training area we maximize the personal productivity of our clients.

We consider high commitment and good cooperation as the key to success. Therefore, each client has one of our partners as main contact person. However, we regularly discuss all projects as a team, thus ensuring that all our knowledge is put to use. Depending on the project, we bring in additional specialists and can count on a broad network of outstanding experts in Switzerland and abroad.