AI productivity workshop at the Kaufmännischer Verband in Bern

June 11, 2024 |08:30 – 16:30|Kaufmännischer Verband, Bern

More successful with AI tools and Office 365: Your guide to increased productivity. Learn proven strategies and practical tips to improve your productivity quickly and sustainably.


In today’s dynamic world, we are constantly exposed to a flood of information that often prevents us from focusing on the essentials. This can be a challenge in both our personal and professional lives, especially given the constant changes we are exposed to.

However, now is your chance to break this cycle! In this course you will learn a variety of strategies, tools and tips for your everyday electronic and physical life to significantly increase your productivity. A core topic is teaching you how to effectively use AI and Office 365 to optimize your daily processes. Be part of the rapid AI revolution that is fundamentally changing the way we work and use state-of-the-art tools such as Chat GPT and Microsoft Copilot and others to be more successful in your everyday life.

Main topics

  • Getting to know and positively influencing the key drivers of productivity
  • Effective self-organization and work techniques, task planning & prioritization for an optimal physical and electronic everyday life
  • Increasing the quality of work and saving time through the use of AI tools such as ChatGPT and Bard
  • Correct use of the new Microsoft 365 features: ToDo, Teams, Tasks and Copilot
  • Techniques for processing emails at least 10% faster
  • Practical tips for successfully implementing what you have learned in everyday life

Goal and benefits

  • Acquire comprehensive knowledge of the factors that influence your productivity and strategies for optimizing them.
  • Practical application of AI tools to improve the quality of work and save considerable time.
  • Improved efficiency in daily email processing through the use of proven techniques.
  • Increased self-organization and planning skills for a more productive working day.
  • Successful integration of what you have learned in the course into your everyday life in order to be more productive and satisfied in the long term.


Anyone who wants to know how they can become more productive in everyday life thanks to the most effective strategies in general and with AI and Office365 in particular.

Language of instruction

German, English

Please note

Please bring your own laptop (ideally Windows with Microsoft 365 installed and access to ChatGPT).

What you can look forward to

  • Exchange
  • Individual work
  • Group work
  • Theoretical inputs
  • Exercises
  • Transfer of practical knowledge

Seminar leader

Oliver Bertschinger

Oliver Bertschinger, freelance marketing consultant, lecturer and productivity expert.


Commercial Association Region Bern, Solothurn, Aargau