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Egypt and the Swiss Textile Machinery Industry

Hello out there! Would you believe it, this is my first blog – initially on LinkedIn. My goal is simple: To share some of my thoughts and/or professional experiences. I hope you will find some of them interesting and – even better – that you add your points so we can initiate a dialogue. I […]

My 10 Key Insights On Digital Marketing

Off I go with my second blog. But before I start, I wanted to sincerely thank all of you who read, liked and commented my first one. Much appreciated and very encouraging! Keep it coming. Today I wanted to share some thoughts on marketing. Why? I just finished an informative course Digital Marketing Advanced at […]

How to select the right export market?

“Where should I export to?” A very important and a very common question in Switzerland, where exports play such an important role for our economic success. This is why I wanted to write about this in my third blog on LinkedIn. Has it already been a year since I posted my last one? Time really […]