Let the Game begin!

Like a tennis match, every consulting project and every training session starts from scratch.

However, we can decisively influence success by the right skillset we bring to the start and how we plan for and how we actually play the match. We look forward to effectively strengthening you and your team with our experience, implementation skills and commitment!

Triple Eight Solutions is a Swiss consulting and training firm with a focus on SMEs, startups and NPOs. Our main goal is instant and sustainable success for our clients. In consulting, we focus on pragmatic, insightful advice and hands-on support in business development, marketing and internationalization. In training and coaching, we maximize your personal productivity.

Our visual world on this website and our work ideology are based on sports. This is not least because the sports-enthusiastic partners of Triple Eight Solutions have themselves – now or in the past – played, trained, coached or professionally worked in all the sports shown.

What inspires us about sports: The focus, the performance, the passion and the emotions.

Our Services

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Business Development

Grows your business!

Outside view, advice and project management regarding strategy, marketing, sponsorship and internationalization complemented by focused network activities.


Rent a Marketer

Boosts your marketing impact!

Ongoing, part-time marketing, sponsorship and business development support – only when you need it.nsoring, Marketing, Business Development

To-do mit Uhr

Personal Productivity

Maximizes your performance!

Workshops, keynote speeches or 1:1 coaching to optimize personal productivity at work and at home. For companies and individuals.

Blog & News

Upcoming Productivity Workshops!

All workshops are currently conducted in German. Please check out the German workshop page here.