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Oliver Bertschinger gives interview about his role as president and MD at SEC.

Oliver is president and MD of the chamber of commerce Switzerland Central Europe. In only 18 months he increased the membership by 60%. In the interview he tells how.

7 Top Tips how to change your habits successfully!

Learn the 7 most promising approaches how to change successfully.

How to improve your physical & mental performance with simple hacks

18.5.2021: Chronic stress and permanent lack of energy not only have a negative effect on our well-being, but also reduce our personal performance. In this post, we’ll talk about what simple (“simple” doesn’t always mean […]

Oliver Bertschinger promoted to President and Managing Director of SEC.

3.5.2021: Oliver Bertschinger was unanimously appointed President by the Board of the Swiss Chamber of Commerce Central Eastern Europe SEC in February 2021 and Managing Director as of 1.5. 2021. Oliver will carry out this […]

Why Are Life Priorities So Important For Your Productivity.

18.12.2020: One benefit of the ongoing Covid-19 crisis is that many of us have more time to reflect and realign our priorities. So, let me use this special moment and ask you three important questions: […]

How to select the right export market?

11.3.2020: “Where should I export to?”   A very important and a very common question in Switzerland, where exports play such an important role for our economic success. This is why I wanted to write […]

My 10 Key Insights On Digital Marketing

17.12.2019: Off I go with my second blog. But before I start, I wanted to sincerely thank all of you who read, liked and commented my first one. Much appreciated and very encouraging! Keep it […]

What would you do to gain 4 more days per year?

13.11.2019: Today I wanted to share some insights about personal work productivity. A key topic for all of us which has been very important to me since the start of my professional career. Why? In […]

Egypt and the Swiss Textile Machinery Industry

Hello out there! 24.10.2019: Would you believe it, this is my first blog – initially on LinkedIn. My goal is simple: To share some of my thoughts and/or professional experiences. I hope you will find […]