Based on your unique needs, we jointly define which services will help your company most.

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Business Development

Grows your business!

To us, business development means everything we can do to make your company become more successful.

This for example in the areas of marketing / communications / sponsoring, fundraising, internationalization or networking activities

Your benefits:

  • Independent outside view and second opinion
  • Additional skills, network and new ideas
  • Outsource partner for projects or special tasks

Rent a Marketer

Boosts your marketing!

With “Rent a Marketer” you work regularly, but temporarily, with top marketers. Thus, you benefit in a very focused way from their know-how, implementation skills, experience and network in marketing, sponsoring, communication and fundraising. And this exactly when and how you need your marketing support.

Your benefits:

  • Add cutting edge marketing skills and know-how to your team
  • Optimize your marketing impact and boost business results
  • Maximize your organizational flexibility and control your cost
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Personal Productivity

Maximizes your performance!

In our focused trainings or coachings you will learn how to optimize your personal productivity at work and at home. Based on the latest scientific findings and your self-reflection, we show you the best on– and offline strategies, processes and tools that will help you and/or your employees to better cope with the high demands of our stressful lives.

Your benefits:

  • You will know the best tools and strategies that will make you more productive in your daily life
  • You will be less distracted, more focused and more efficient
  • Thanks to increased productivity, you will be more successful and satisfied