Successful AI Workshop with LGT Private Banking’s Global Marketing Team

25.9.2023: We recently wrapped up an engaging and enjoyable workshop on generative AI with the global marketing team of LGT Private Banking at the picturesque Seminarhotel Bocken. The workshop, led by Triple Eight Solutions AG and facilitated by Malcolm Werchota, Oliver Bertschinger, Shirley Werchota from BlueSoft, and Amanda Keller from Leap Consulting, left us feeling happy and slightly tired but incredibly fulfilled.

Over the course of 1.5 days, we witnessed the remarkable openness, genuine interest, and creativity of the highly talented and motivated marketing and communications specialists. The immersive sessions focused on exploring the transformative power of AI in marketing, featuring hands-on experiences with tools like #chatgpt, #bard, #midjourney, and more.

What stood out was not where AI could help in marketing and communications, but rather, where it couldn’t! The team displayed a keen appetite to apply these AI tools, showcasing their commitment to embracing the future of marketing.

We extend our best wishes to all the participants as they embark on incorporating AI tools into their daily work, aiming to enhance productivity and elevate quality. A special thanks to all the participants for their efforts and constructive participation. It is great to know that our collaboration will continue after the workshop with individual individual coachings around the most relevant use cases of global marketing.