Personal Productivity

Opimizes Your Performance and Well-Being!

Time – together with health – is our most valuable asset in life.

We should therefore not waste it, but use it smartly for the things that are close to our hearts.

Unfortunately, newest studies show a depressing picture regarding productivity and stress. People today feel more stressed than ever. And they have less time than before for the important things. It’s particularly sobering that despite digitization and new, innovative tools, people are clearly not succeeding in leading more productive and fulfilling lives.

On the contrary, a 2018 study by the AKAD University Stuttgart in Germany shows alarming results:

  • 84% of 1200 participating employees say that they work more than ever before without achieving everything they should.
  • More than 50% feel stressed by the permanent attainability e.g. via email or phone. They complain that they are too disturbed to be able to really do concentrated, quality work.
  • Work life and personal life continue to merge. E.g., more than two thirds of the participants claim that they answer emails during off-office hours or on holidays.
  • The average overtime per week has increased from 5.8 hours in 2013 to 7.5 hours 2018.


Digitization with all its new tools and capabilities has not reduced our workload but increased it. And modern working life has become increasingly demanding and tiring for many. This situation has worsened by the COVID 19 crisis.

Reasons why we don’t live up to our potential:

  • Too many distractions and neither space nor time to concentrate properly
  • Lack of organization and planning
  • Lack of clarity regarding goals, which makes it impossible to prioritize properly
  • Doing the wrong tasks at the wrong time
  • Poor discipline and poor work methodology (multitasking!)

But the good news is: we can all become more productive with little effort! And this is independent of how productive you already are today.

How we can help you become more productive? 

We offer different training formats and also coaching. What they all have in common is that we look with you at the most important factors of productivity at work and in your private life. This will give you the opportunity to reflect on your own behavior and decide where you want to make changes.

Based on scientific findings, we will show you per topic the best on– and offline methods (strategies/processes/tools) how to become more productive. One focus of our trainings are the latest technological solutions. Like in a restaurant menu, you or your employees can choose which approaches you would like to apply in your daily work.

Possible topics are

  • What are the key drivers of productivity?
  • What sleep, fitness and nutrition have to do with productivity
  • How do I become more effective and efficient?
  • Organization, planning and prioritization
  • Productivity in the home office
  • Better and faster e-mail management
  • Microsoft Outlook as the control center of life
  • Microsoft Teams and OneNote
  • The best productivity tips, technologies, apps and tools

Benefits for you or your employee

  • You know the best strategies, processes and tools for more productivity
  • You optimize your organization, planning and decision making capabilities
  • Save at least 10% time on email management
  • You are less distracted, more focused and more productive
  • You will use the full potential of MS Outlook – or similar programs
  • You can immediately apply what you have learned in your everyday life

Options for training and coaching

Depending on your needs, your time constraints and the size of the group, the following formats are available onsite or online:

  • Workshops (depending on your goals between 3 hours and 2 days)
  • 2-day workshop with special focus on performance (sports, nutrition, sleep, mental aspects) together with Coach Michael
  • Impulse speech (e.g. for management off-sites, club meetings etc., 1-2 hours)
  • 1:1 coaching

Our goal is to provide trainings or coaching that are just right for you. Building on basic modules, we are happy to incorporate your needs. And don’t forget: We always offer a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results.

It all starts with a conversation! Begin your journey to greater productivity, success and satisfaction by contacting us at We look forward to hearing from you.

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