Exciting Workshop Highlights with Lactalis Nestlé Frischprodukte Schweiz AG!

21.05.2024: Triple Eight Solutions is thrilled to share the success of our recent AI workshop with Lactalis Nestlé Frischprodukte Schweiz AG. Led by our expert team, Malcolm Werchota, Oliver Bertschinger, and Qris Riner, the workshop aimed to explore the transformative power of AI within the organization.

The day kicked off with an insightful introduction to AI, covering its possibilities and limitations, followed by live demonstrations that captivated the audience. Participants then engaged in three interactive sessions, focusing on AI applications in Marketing & Sales, personal productivity, and strategic initiatives such as image generation and data analysis.

In the afternoon, we deepened our understanding through hands-on workshops tailored to various departments, including Marketing, Sales, and HR. Teams worked on real-world use cases, discovering how AI can enhance productivity and streamline operations.

The enthusiasm and innovative ideas that emerged during the feedback session were truly inspiring. Employees identified numerous promising AI applications that they believe can drive future success at Lactalis Nestlé.

We are excited to see how these AI-driven insights will shape the future of Lactalis Nestlé Frischprodukte Schweiz AG, and we look forward to continuing our journey of innovation together.