Rent a Marketer

Boosts your Marketing Impact!

Thanks to “Rent a Marketer”, companies with limited marketing capacities (know-how and/or resources) have access to top marketing people and thus the latest know-how, creative ideas high executional competence and a relevant network. This maximizes the impact of your activities not only in the areas of marketing, communication, sponsoring and fundraising, but optionally also in business development, sales and internationalization.

“Rent a Marketer” is based on the well-known Pareto principle (20% of the work achieves 80% of the impact). We are convinced that experienced and competent marketing managers can create real, disproportionate added value and will advance your company based on an ongoing, limited assignment. It is your decision when and how much support you want to use. In this way, you always retain the greatest possible organizational flexibility and full cost control.

Your Advantages

  • Gain access to state-of-the art marketing, sponsorship, fundraising, business development and internationalization know-how and to a broad, relevant network
  • Optimize your marketing impact and boost corporate results
  • Maximize your organizational flexibility and keep your cost controlled

Our biggest objective is to make you more successful. It is always your specific needs and your organizational setup which defines what we do. Below please find a brief overview of our potential services across marketing, sponsorship, communications, fundraising, internationalization and business development.

  • Ongoing, temporary support in various forms (project management, consulting, coaching, etc.)
  • Independent, neutral outside view and second opinion
  • Development and implementation of focused marketing solutions
  • Execution of research analysis and identification of areas with biggest potential to improve
  • Review, development and implementation of strategies and concepts
  • Coaching and training of executives, specialist teams and employees
  • Management or quality control of partner organizations (e.g. advertising agencies, market research companies, etc.)
  • Legal advice (e.g. drafting of contracts, general terms and conditions, etc.)
  • Lead or support in contract negotiations
  • Quality control (processes, execution, results, agencies, etc.)
  • Implementation of various integrated on- and offline marketing activities such as market research, print/brochures, trade shows, campaigns, promotions, advertising, events, social media, internal and external communications, website development, etc.
  • Fundraising support
  • Export consulting, market selection support, business partner search, etc.
  • Networking activities (we open doors!)