Oliver Bertschinger
AI-Consulting & Business Development/Marketing

Phone +41 79 378 83 91

In 2018, after a rewarding corporate and start-up career at home and abroad, I fulfilled a dream by founding Triple Eight Solutions AG. My main motivation for taking the step into self-employment was that I wanted to make my knowledge and skills available to a wide variety of companies and people, help them and make them instantly and sustainably more successful.

The consulting approach I wanted to apply at Triple Eight Solutions is goal-oriented and pragmatic. First, we analyze the companies with our outside perspective and thus develop meaningful insights into what can be optimized. Then, in close cooperation with our clients, we apply all our know-how, creativity, professional experience and network to exploit this potential. A creative collaboration model is “Rent a Marketer“, through which our clients gain temporary access to top marketing professionals.

My often interconnected personal core competencies in consulting are corporate strategy, business development, marketing / sponsoring / communications / fundraising, internationalization (export/import/investment) and networking activities.

In addition to consulting, I am also active as a trainer and coach, focusing on personal productivity and intercultural management / communication.

  • 15 years plus: Head of Marketing / Sponsoring / Communications in Switzerland and abroad
  • 6 years head of export and investment  promotion for Europe, Africa and Central Asia
  • Since 2018 independent consultant and trainer
  • From start-up, SME, non-profit organization to large corporation
  • Broad network in business, politics and science at home and abroad
  • Industry experience: finance, food/gastro, economic promotion, IT, medtech, MEM, and more
  • Lecturer, trainer and coach for productivity, intercultural communication and business topics
  • Internationalization skills (exports/imports/location promotion/investment)
  • Integrated on- and offline marketing (analysis / strategy / design / excution / budget / control)
  • Market research / branding / corporate identity / value proposition / USPs etc.
  • Internal communication / PR / Internet / Intranet / Social Media
  • Sports-, cultural- and social-sponsoring
  • Design and execution of hundreds of events (corporate / sports / cultural etc.) and trade shows
  • Fundraising
  • National and international project management from small to large
  • Management of external partners (agencies / freelancers / rights holders etc.)
  • Solution-oriented cooperation across all hierarchy levels (board of directors / management / employees)
  • Many years of leadership experience (board member / teams / employees / projects)
  • Long international and intercultural professional experience (expat in  New York / Tokyo / Hong Kong and regional responsibilities for Asia Pacific / Europe / Africa / Central Asia)
  • Board member in various chambers of commerce and associations
  • Speaking German, English and French
  • 2021 until today: Chamber of Commerce Switzerland Central Eastern Europe SEC, President and Managing Director
    From a turn-around case, turning SEC into Switzerland’s fastest growing chamber of commerce. The basis is a broad community of influential individuals, companies and organizations in Switzerland and CEE. Being part ot Switzerland export community and the export roundtable of Federal Councilor Parmelin. Amongst other things doing export consulting, running a series of cutting edge events and webinars, pushing social media, being the Key Account Manager for ambassadors, CEOs, government officials, clients and other stakeholders.
  • 2019 until today: iTalents Switzerland, Baar, Co-Founder and Partner
  • 2018 until todahttp://www.cee.swissy: Triple Eight Solutions AG, Oberrieden, Founder and Managing Partner
  • 2010-2017: Switzerland Global Enterprise, Zürich, Regional Director Europe, Africa & Central Asia, Member of the International Executive Board
    Overall responsibility for Switzerland’s export and investment promotion services in his Region, management of 14 intercultural teams, account manager for e.g. Swiss Ambassadors, chambers of commerce, Swiss companies etc.), Board member at various chambers of commerce, keynote speaker at several Swiss universities, creation and fostering of a large network of key opinion leaders in business, politics and academia.
  • 2009-2010: Lunchgate AG, Zürich, Member of the Board and Head of Marketing & Operations
    Founding member of a successful internet start-up. Responsible for strategy and implementation of marketing (on- and offline),  communications as well as operations.
  • 2005-2009: UBS AG, Zürich, Tokyo and Hongkong, Head of Sponsorship Asia Pacific
    Selecting, negotiating, organizing and running dozens of world class sponsorships and events across the region with a focus on golf, rugby, classical music, contemporary art and sailing.
  • 1999-2004: UBS AG Zürich, Director Marketing
    Responsible for many different client segments such as Financial Institutions, Institutional Investors, HR or IT and for many different products e.g., e-Banking, Global Custody, payment solutions, Trade & Export Finance, and more.
  • 1995-1998: UBS AG, Zürich, New York and Basle
    Several roles in marketing and project management
  • 1989-1994: Studies at University of Zürich, Master of Business (Marketing), lic.oec.publ.


  • Happily married and proud father of two daughters
  • President and member of the board in various organizations, e.g. President Swiss Marketing Zürich
  • Sports enthusiast (tennis, golf, fitness and ski)
  • SVEB Trainer Certificate, July 2019
  • Licenced Project Manager IPMA, 2018
  • Advanced Digital Marketing, SAWI, 2017
  • Investment Promotion Program, GDP Global, London, 2013

Malcolm Werchota
AI Evangelist & Head of AI Practice

I am Malcolm Werchota, a seasoned business strategist and AI evangelist with a rich professional history spanning the oil and gas, pharmaceutical, and artificial intelligence industries. Born in Tunisia and having spent my formative years across various African countries, my multicultural background greatly contributes to my adaptability and global perspective. My mother hails from Zimbabwe, further deepening my African roots and instilling in me an unparalleled ability to understand and navigate cultural nuances.

My career began in the oil and gas sector, where I spent a decade spearheading strategic projects. However, upon becoming a father, I had a change of heart and sought a career that would allow me to contribute to a more sustainable future for my daughters. I pursued an MBA at ESADE and later transitioned into the pharmaceutical industry, where I worked at Novartis, gaining valuable insights into the intersection of healthcare and business.

In 2021, I co-founded coatingAI, a Swiss-based startup that leverages the power of AI to revolutionize the coating industry. Drawing on my expertise in AI, we automated coating processes, boosting efficiency while reducing environmental impact. This venture allowed me to combine my passion for technology with my commitment to sustainability.

In 2023, I embarked on a new chapter as an independent consultant, assisting businesses in integrating generative AI into their workflows. I firmly believe in the transformative power of AI and its ability to drive innovation and efficiency across various industries. My goal is to help other enterprises unlock the full potential of this groundbreaking technology and navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Beyond my professional commitments, I cherish the time spent with my daughters at the lake in Bregenz, Austria. I enjoy sharing my knowledge of AI with them, particularly through interactions with ChatGPT, which they often ask me to query due to its vast knowledge base.

  • Over 15 years of experience: Held various roles including Head of Marketing, Strategy & Operations, and Digital Transformation in healthcare and energy sectors across Europe, Africa, and Central Asia.
  • More than 6 years: Leadership in digital transformation and operations management.
  • Since 2021: Independent consultant and AI integration expert.
  • Diverse industry experience: From start-ups, SMEs, non-profit organizations to large corporations in fields such as energy, Oil & Gas, healthcare, and technology.
  • Broad network: Across business, academia, and politics in various regions.
  • Lecturer, mentor, and coach: For leadership, digital transformation, and healthcare topics.
  • Internationalization skills: Led strategic projects across 34 countries.
  • Integrated digital transformation: Expert in analysis, strategy, design, execution, budget, and control.
  • Expert in corporate reorganization: Focus on patient-centricity, long-term employee engagement, and internal communication.
  • Strong knowledge of PR, Internet, Intranet, and Social Media.
  • Design and execution: Various projects related to digital innovation, people & organization transformation, and business model innovation.
  • Fundraising capabilities: Demonstrated through securing a Central European Business Scholarship.
  • National and international project management: Managed projects from small to large scales.
  • External partners management: Handled agencies, freelancers, rights holders, etc.
  • Solution-oriented cooperation: Experience working across all hierarchy levels from board of directors to employees.
  • Several years of leadership experience: As a board member, team leader, and project manager.
  • Extensive international and intercultural professional experience: Regional responsibilities for Europe, Africa, and Central Asia.
  • Multilingual: Fluent in English, German, French and Spanish

Self-employed – AI-Fueled Business Adventurer & Innovator – ChatGPT Evangelist (May 2023 – Present)

  • Independent consultant assisting companies in assimilating generative AI into their workflows
  • Leveraging expertise in AI and business to help enterprises unlock the potential of AI technology

Co-Founder, coatingAI (Feb 2021 – Present)

  • Co-founded coatingAI, leveraging AI to automate coating processes and reduce environmental impact
  • Responsible for driving marketing strategy, fundraising, networking, and pre-sales activities

Novartis – AI-Fueled Business Adventurer & Innovator – ChatGPT Evangelist (Jan 2023 – May 2023)

  • Successfully implemented generative AI (ChatGPT) for marketing and brand enhancement
  • Conducted educational videos and virtual roadshows to promote responsible AI adoption
  • Improved operational efficiency within the business unit using AI-driven insights

Novartis – Head of Business Excellence and Essential Brands (Sep 2022 – May 2023)

  • Spearheaded strategic management and commercial success of diverse healthcare brand portfolio
  • Implemented Agile Methodology, data and insights foundation, and collaborated with cross-functional teams
  • Drove continuous improvement in business processes, systems, and capabilities

Novartis – Head of Strategy & Operations (Jan 2022 – Feb 2023)

  • Translated business priorities into operational deliverables for $1 billion Eastern European business
  • Led corporate transformation and change management efforts in challenging geopolitical landscape
  • Simplified and prioritized operations, facilitated innovation, and managed people with empathy

Novartis – Digital Innovation & Strategy Enthusiast (Feb 2021 – Dec 2021)

  • Supported the SERCE-Eastern Europe leadership team in digital transformation initiatives
  • Played a role in driving enterprise digital initiatives and fostering patient-centricity
  • Linked digital strategies with effective delivery in collaboration with country teams

ESADE – President, Organisation & Human Capital Club (Oct 2019 – Nov 2020)

  • Elected President of the club and Vice President of the Healthcare Club
  • Engaged in various leadership and organizational roles within the MBA program

Roland Berger – Consultant – Summer Associate (Sep 2020 – Oct 2020)

  • Worked as a subject matter expert in the domain of Energy, Oil & Gas and provided strategic outlook post-COVID
  • Contributed to cost optimization projects and analyzed financial statements
  • Emphasized knowledge sharing and innovative problem-solving within the team

Novartis – Innovation and Business Transformation – MBA Intern (Jun 2020 – Aug 2020)

  • Designed Workplace of the Future project, focusing on post-COVID workplace solutions
  • Contributed to strategic business challenges in the Cell & Gene group

Schlumberger – Central Europe – Operations Manager (May 2018 – Sep 2019)

  • Implemented pricing strategies, expanded market share, and increased revenue in the geothermal energy market
  • Improved operations through agile frameworks and reduced non-productive time
  • Implemented employee workplace satisfaction improvements

Schlumberger – Europe & Africa – Field Development and Engagement Manager (Oct 2014 – May 2018)

  • Managed diverse business units, aligned strategic KPIs with compensation measurements, and achieved cost savings
  • Oversaw the development of a data remote operations center and implemented innovative training initiatives
  • Led training and development programs to improve procedural adherence and employee engagement

Santiago Correal Mantilla
AI-Expert & Coach

I am Santiago Correal Mantilla, a young AI strategist and business innovator with a diverse professional background that spans continents and industries.Born in Colombia and enriched by my experiences living in Canada, Italy, and Thailand, my career started in dabbling in many areas of marketing, transitioning later on into a more innovative area of digital marketing.In a turn of events I discover a new passion and ended up involved in the innovation and startup world. Now also driven by a fascination with the future and the potential of AI to redefine the way we live and work I know use my knowledge and believe in the power of artificial intelligence to guide businesses, identify and implement ways in which generative AI can take them to the next level.

On a more personal note, I am also an avid writer and an amateur Muay Thai fighter, I have had the opportunity to compete in the meka of this discipline, Thailand.


  • Experience across various industries in marketing, leveraging digital marketing strategies to drive brand engagement and growth.
  • Developed and implemented innovative business strategies for established companies, enhancing competitive advantage and operational efficiency.
  • Led entrepenurships initiatives with ventures, demonstrating strong entrepreneurial spirit and innovation.
  • Delivered engaging and comprehensive lectures on digital marketing, personal branding and AI, focusing on practical applications and student success.
  • Fluent in English, Spanish, and Italian, with conversational proficiency in Thai, facilitating effective cross-cultural communication.
  • Specialized in integrating AI technologies to optimize business processes and enhance decision-making.

Self Employed Freelancer – Self Employed AI-Consultant (Sep 2023 – Present)

  • Expert and conducting strategic AI workshops, developing customized AI solutions, and leading cross-functional teams. Passionate about harnessing the power of AI to drive innovation and efficiency in diverse
    industries resulting in 40% productivity increases for employees

Triple 8 Solutions AG – Senior AI-Consultant (Jan 2024 – Present)

  • Leads business objectives with the innovative possibilities of generative AI, as an AI educator and consultant adept at crafting AI-driven solutions tailored to unique business needs. Generating a 40% increase in quality and 25% in productivity on those went through the training
  • Manages accounts from big-pharma, private banking, and industry among others with day rates of 10k euros

Universität de Boyaca – Guest Lecturer and Consultant (Aug 2023 – Present)

  • Instructed a well-established virtual Digital Marketing course, emphasizing basic concepts, real-world
    application and best practices
  • Building and instructing two virtual courses , one focusing on integration and strategies of AI in the modern workplace, and the other on comprehensive personal branding techniques for 21st-century professionals

CRITEO – Account Strategist (Sep 2022 – Dec 2022)

  • Strategized online advertising campaigns for accounts in the Benelux and Iberia markets with budgets over
    130.000 euros
  • Built relationships with biggest advertising agencies in Iberia market with clients from multiple verticals
  • Engaged in programmatic advertising software selling to different companies across EMEA

Print City – Digital Marketing and Branding Consultant (July 2022 – Oct 2022)

  • Constructed online branding presence for the company encompassing website creation, content strategy,
    positioning, target customers, and acquisition channels resulting in improving company awareness and aided
    in the acquisition of a B2B contract of more than 1 billion Colombian pesos
  • Devised an omnichannel strategy and digital marketing funnel comprising of website, social media, and direct
    messaging channels resulting in an increase in sales of 20%

Casa Santiveri – Marketing Intern (Aug 2022)

  • Built market research documents in different relevant FMCG categories (+5) and subcategories such as no
    gluten cookies, bio vegetable beverages, bread in the Spanish market
  • Constructed market analysis of consumer trends and habits in purchase behaviour for food and beverages
    with +20 data points

Enso Co-Living – Customer Care and Community Intern (Apr 2022)

  • Managed and designed part of the CRM system dedicated to design new potential leads for renting purpose
  • Designed an automation system for potential leads and for customer care issues related with existing clients

ESADE Student Council – Communications Director and Member of Decision Board (June 2020 – Sep 2021)

  • Developed a new marketing strategy for student council resulting in a +600% increase in engagement from students in all communications channel
  • Created +5 initiatives for esade students and associations facilitating communication between all parties involved and helping associations achieve a considerable increase in attendance to events

MJ Medtech – Branding und Social Media Manager (June 2020 – Sep 2020)

  • Engaged in creating two brands in the CBD South African industry and its respective marketing strategies together with a team of 8 inte

Shirley Werchota
Senior AI-Expert & Coach

Shirley Werchota is a distinguished business strategist and AI expert, dedicated to advancing digital transformation and integrating generative AI in businesses.

Born in Tunisia and raised across various African countries, Shirley’s multicultural upbringing has significantly shaped her adaptability and global perspective. Being a third-culture person with Zimbabwean and Austrian heritage, she brings an exceptional ability to navigate and understand diverse cultural landscapes.

Shirley embarked on her professional journey with a Bachelor’s degree in Scientific Computing, propelling her into the realms of big data and cloud computing. Her rich professional history spans various industries through the lens of consulting, making her a versatile and insightful leader in her field.

Becoming self-employed in 2020, Shirley has focused on public speaking, training, coaching, and consulting to help industry leaders efficiently navigate their digital transformations, become truly innovative, and adopt and scale generative AI across their organizations.

Being a professional and a single mother has motivated Shirley to start a Global Executive MBA with IESE in 2024 to become a leader who shapes a world she wants to see her son grow up in.

  • Over 15 years of experience: Shirley Werchota has held various pivotal roles including Head of Growth and Development, Strategy Consultant, and Product Owner in sectors such as IT consulting, banking, and technology across Europe and Africa.
  • More than 6 years: Leadership in digital transformation, operations management and data, focusing on enhancing cloud computing, big data, and tech modernization strategies.
  • Since 2020: Independent consultant and AI integration expert, driving digital transformation and generative AI adoption in businesses.
  • Diverse industry experience: From start-ups and SMEs to large corporations in fields such as IT consulting, banking, and technology.
  • Mentor and coach: For digital transformation, AI integration, and strategic business growth topics, data and data driven organisation, mentoring of women in Tech.
  • Internationalization skills: Led strategic projects across multiple countries, fostering cross-cultural collaboration and innovation.
  • Integrated digital transformation: Expert in analysis, strategy, design, execution, budget management, and control of digital projects.
  • Expert in corporate reorganization: Emphasizing AI ethics, long-term employee engagement, and internal communication.
  • Design and execution: Various projects related to digital innovation, people & organization transformation, and business model innovation.
  • External partners management: Handled agencies, freelancers, and technology partners, ensuring seamless collaboration and project success.
  • Solution-oriented cooperation: Experience working across all hierarchy levels from board of directors to employees, fostering a collaborative and innovative work environment.
  • Several years of leadership experience: As a co-founder, team leader, and project manager, driving strategic initiatives and achieving business goals.
  • Multilingual: Fluent in English, German and French.


IESE Business School – Global Executive MBA (Mar 2024 – Present)

  • Currently enhancing strategic and leadership capabilities through an intensive executive program.

University of Vienna, Austria – Master in Computer Science (Sep 2019 – Dec 2020)

  • Specialized in Informatic Didactics.

University of Vienna, Austria – Bachelor in Computer Science (Oct 2002 – Dec 2010)

  • Specialized in Scientific Computing.

Professional Experience

BlueSoft Sp. Z o.o. (Orange Subsidiary), Warsaw, Poland – Head of Growth & Development (May 2020 – Present)

  • Head of Growth & Development, DACH & Spain: Pioneered the company’s expansion in the DACH region and Spain, formalizing a business development blueprint.
  • Digital Strategy Advisor: Enhanced service offerings and value propositions in cloud computing, big driven organisations, and tech modernization. Advisory for leadership and C-Level., Vienna, Austria – Co-Founder & Trustworthy AI Framework Architect (Jan 2022 – Present)

  • Led the development of innovative frameworks for AI trustworthiness, driving strategic marketing and client engagement to establish new standards in AI ethics.

Raiffeisenbank International, Vienna, Austria – Product Owner & In-House Consultant (Aug 2018 – May 2021)

  • Managed the Advanced Analytics Workspace, overseeing AWS-based development, cloud integration, and DevSecOps capabilities.
  • Focused on stakeholder management and strategic roadmap planning.

Accenture DACH – Big Data Engineer, Cloud Dev-Ops, Team Lead (July 2017 – June 2018)

  • Managed data engineering teams, improved operational efficiency through automation, and championed diversity and gender development.

Self-Employed, Vienna, Austria – Freelance IT Consultant (Dec 2015 – July 2017)

  • Delivered bespoke IT solutions, ranging from websites and mobile apps to CRM systems, enhancing business visibility and operational efficiency.

Additional Information

Coaching & Mentoring SME Business Owners for Digital Transformation Topics (2018 – Present)

Raphael Imhof
Strategic Marketing & Social Media Consulting

Phone +41 79 12 888 00

I made my matura in Vaduz, and then studied marketing in Berne and St. Gallen. After various positions with leading functions in the field of marketing & communication from startups to SMEs to large corporations, I now independently advise companies in strategy, marketing and communication.

In addition, I was and am involved in sports: As a player, coach with many years of experience and performance coaching diploma, as an official and also for international sporting events.

With an independent view from the outside and for the whole, I work as an external consultant and coach for your organization/company on a strategic and creative level, analyze strategy and processes, lead projects for you or become a member of a project team – depending on the task. Independent of the size of your organization. This gives you access to cutting edge marketing and management know-how, while remaining flexible in terms of capacity and costs.

More information:

  • Many years as Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications
  • Collaboration with all management levels / stakeholders (CEOs, executive management, board members, shareholders, employees as well as public, media)
  • From SMEs to large corporations
  • Sound understanding of products, brands and markets
  • Branding and corporate identity, defining USPs
  • Strategy and conception
  • Total user/customer centricity
  • Marketing planning and controlling / budget responsibility
  • Online and content marketing including social media, search engine optimization/SEO (multilingual) and SEM
  • Understanding of the interface between IT/technology and marketing
  • Conception and implementation of Inter- and Intranet
  • Web and app development
  • Conception and management of trade fairs and events (national and international)
  • PR (national and international)
  • Writing and editing of texts of all kinds and ghostwriting
  • Internal communication
  • Corporate publishing
  • Sports marketing
  • Management of strategy, structure and culture

Claudia Bertschinger
Legal Advisor

As a trained lawyer, Claudia Bertschinger handles part-time all legal projects at Triple Eight Solutions (internally and for clients). She focuses on contract law (especially sponsoring contracts), employment law, company foundations and more.

Claudia’s main job is as a legal advisor at Confides Treuhand.

Professional Experience

  • Since 2019: Partner and legal advisor at Confides Treuhand
    with a focus on company foundations, contractual law (general terms and conditions, data protection declarations, consultancy contracts, sponsoring contracts) as well as real estate-, inheritance-, labor– and tenancy-law
  • Since 2018: Part-time support at Triple Eight Solutions AG
  • 2016-2019:  Self-employed lawyer in Oberrieden at Bertschinger Law
  • 2004 – 2015: Raising two children and managing a family in Zurich, Tokyo and Hongkong with occasional legal advice for friends and family
  • 2001 – 2004: Deputy Head of the Disclosure Office at the Swiss Exchange SWX
  • 2000 – 2001: Legal Team Leader Reporting/Ad hoc Publicity on the SWX Swiss Exchange (50%)
  • 1999: Legal employee for Contractual Law at Sulzer Ltd in the Corporate Legal Department
  • 1997 – 1998: 1-year attorney training at the Canton of Solothurn in the Higher Court, Examining Magistrate’s Office, Land Registry, and at the Inheritance-, Bankruptcy-, Federal Commercial Registry Office
  • 1996: 6-month internship at Swiss Bank Corporation (UBS)
  • 1995 – 1996: Legal advice for the Swiss Tenants’ Association


  • 2002: Patent as Attorney at Law of the canton of Solothurn
  • 1991 – 1997: University Berne, Master of Law
  • 1986 – 1991: Kantonsschule Solothurn, Matura in Business


  • Since 2015: Gymnast trainer at Horgen Gymnastics Club
  • Since 2011: Captain of womens’ interclub tennis team (1. Liga)
  • 2011 – 2016:  Member of Parent’s Council at primary school Oberrieden

Paula Patsiatsis
Management Support & Marketing

Paula Patsiatsis completed her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Modern History at the University of Zurich, where she specialized in Eastern- and Central European History and Contemporary Politics. During her academic journey, she had the enriching opportunity to do an exchange semester at the University of Warsaw in Poland. She is fluent in Polish, English, Greek, and German, and speaks a little Spanish, Italian, and French.


She currently works as an intern for Triple Eight Solutions and the Chamber of Commerce Switzerland-Central Europe.